World of Warcraft: the worth of doing mythic raids

It’s devaluing the worth of doing mythic raids or any type of raid for that matter.

A lot of the people who have really high ilevels are the RNG-favored ones this expansion. Tons of them have not even killed a single mythic raid boss and their gear is filled with titanforges from just mythic dungeons or low level mythic+ dungeons.

Yes, people do mythic raids or just raiding in general for the experience but what if that experience was not worth it anymore? I mean why should I wipe 100 times and hours on a boss just to get a gear with the chance of getting it is 1 out of 20 people when I can just get gear, multiples of them even, doing mythic+ dungeons in a FEW minutes with a WAY HIGHER chance with only 5 people?

Another reason warforged/titanforged is a problem is because if the system will stay this way, what will happen to the raids released in 7.2 or later patches? If they all had the chance of getting war/titanforged, then people will just farm the 1st tier raids because they will be a lot faster since DPS numbers are exponentially increasing this expansion. With this effect, then basically the new gear from the new raids will become useless if they don’t have the perfect stats or the perfect bonus sets.

Now, my proposed solution is to restrict the item level that gear can forge up to for old raids as well as mythic+ dungeons depending on the level of the mythic keystone. A world quest reward or a mythic dungeon gear from a +2 should not have the chance to be better or even equal to a raid gear.

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